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Flexible email

Our email system provides enormous flexibility for your domain all configured through an easy to use web based interface.

Each address within your domain can be configured independantly. Depending on your account options, you can select to:

  • deliver mail to a POP3 or IMAP mailbox on our servers
  • rewrite mail to another address
  • spool mail for delivery to your server using SMTP, ODMR or ETRN
  • reject the mail

Mail directed to a POP3 or IMAP mailbox can be viewed using our webmail system.

You can also configure complex email filters, sorting out spam and rejecting viruses whilst our envelope policy options allow you to check delivering servers against which ever DNS based block lists you want.

We can even handle your outbound mail for you, irrespective of who you connect with. You need never again have to change the outbound settings in your email software!