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Mail filters

What are email filters?

Email filters provide a way to control what ends up in your Inbox, depending on where messages come from, what is in them or who sent them. Raggedstaff Internet provide several ways to filter your mail:

Envelope blocks

Envelope blocks are tests done during the initial connection from the server delivering the message, before the message is actually downloaded. This can be an effective way of reducing the amount of SPAM you receive.

Envelope blocks are a free, added value service available to all Raggedstaff email customers.

Content filters

Content filters are applied after the mail arrives. As the name implies, they are mainly concerned with the content of the email, including the headers.

Content filtering includes virus filtering and advanced spam filtering. Content filtering is a premium service available to Raggedstaff Internet customers for an extra fee.

Block/pass lists

Block and pass lists provide a way to override other filters for particular sender addresses or remote servers.

Filters can be configured on a per-recipient basis to give you complete control over the mail arriving in your Inbox.