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Webmail upgrade

posted by Admin on Mon Jul 07 2008 21:24

We're delighted to announce that we have just completed an upgrade of the webmail system. As well as updating the software to address a number of bugs we have introduced some new services. These are currently considered 'beta' and not fully supported, but you're welcome to try them out and let us know of any issues.

New views

When you log in you will be offered a choice of styles. 'Traditional' is the style you're used to and which we fully support.

'Dynamic' provides a more dynamic view and is more like using a desktop email client.

'Minimalist' provides a basic, unstyled view ideal for mobile devices such a PDAs and 'smart phones'.

New features

We've also added some new features in 'beta'. A fully featured calendar and a task list will help you to organise your life no matter where you are.