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Email maintenance

posted by Admin on Tue May 06 2008 07:19

We will be carrying out maintenance on our mail system on Tuesday 6 May between about 18:30 and 23:30 BST. During this time mail will be unavailable for periods.

The maintenance is necessary in order to migrate mail handling to new equipment. Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum. Should you experience any issues with mail handled by Raggedstaff Internet over the next few days please contact support@raggedstaff.net with full details, including the text of any error messages you see from your software.

As a result of these changes the IP addresses of our mail servers will change. If your email software has been configured with the recommended server names (see http://www.raggedstaff.net/cms/index.php?section=10) the change should be transparent to you. Please take a moment to ensure that you are using the recommended server names.